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Postural & occupational pain
As the number of hours spent working at computers has steadily increased, so has the number of posture related conditions that we see on a daily basis in our practice.

The pain caused by poor postural habits (whether at work, in the car, or at home) manifests itself primarily in the muscles of the neck, shoulders and low back, but can also – either directly or indirectly, affect many other parts of the body.

Whilst manual work inevitably carries the inherent risk of back injury from a combination of heavy and often awkward lifting, as well as periods of prolonged bending, it is in the office, where desk work is more common, that the dangers of ‘computer hump’ and ‘mouse wrist’ await; whilst long hours on the telephone will affect the neck and shoulders causing headaches and carpal tunnel syndrome etc.

Those who drive for a living also need to be aware of their driving posture as it affects not only their back, neck and shoulders but can also affect hips, knees and feet.

Osteopathy can help to alleviate postural pain by treating the stiffness of the affected muscles and joints.

We help to improve posture by eradicating the chronic muscle imbalance that has slowly built up over the months or years, with graduated stretching and strengthening exercises.


Osteopathic treatment through pregnancy is a gentle way of helping the body adapt to the many postural changes that take place with the passing months.

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